There are slow signs that the release schedule is picking up after sleepwalking through January, but this particular week is a week where a couple of artists and bands that are still under the radar are releasing albums. Next week promises a soul diva showoff between Janet Jackson & Erykah Badu, but in the meantime, check out new albums by:

The Raveonettes: This Danish duo has gotten tons of press notice over the past couple of years, along with their counterpart in female singers, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They don’t do a hell of a lot for me, but I don’t know that I’m hip enough to enjoy them! At any rate, “Lust, Lust, Lust” was released internationally last fall, and finally gets it’s U.S. release for those of you who haven’t yet shelled out cash for the import.

Mike Doughty: Former lead singer of alt-rock with a twist band Soul Coughing back in the Nineties, formerly named M. Doughty, former columnist for the New York Press, Mr. Doughty’s latest solo effort, “Golden Delicious” arrives today. You know I love me some literate rock stars.

Allison Moorer: I’m not as familiar with Allison Moorer as I am with her sister, Shelby Lynne. Moorer aparently traffics in more “country” circles, but by all accounts, she’s just as talented. Her new album “Mockingbird”, like Shelby’s recent effort, is a covers album. Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell (two of my favorites) are represented here. I wonder if her husband, Steve Earle, makes an appearance on this album.

Also coming out today: a brand new “Kidz Bop” CD for those of you who have kids that haven’t yet graduated to the “High School Musical” phase, new albums from long dormant Brit acts Kula Shaker and Morcheeba and the comeback album you’ve all been waiting for from Seven Mary Three. Woo hoo! Long live bad grunge!!