…Titled after my favorite category in “Jeopardy”. Word to Alex Trebek…
There’s nothing major to report, so I’ll just shoot a couple of short takes over…
Apparently there was some poll in the U.K. (they do polls a lot out there) asking what the greatest song in British history was. I can’t remember where I was reading this, but I do remember that Oasis had the #1 and the #2 songs. Now, I don’t dislike Oasis at all, but isn’t that a lot like doing a similar poll in America and giving the Top Two spots to Lenny Kravitz??
How about The King of Pop, folks? The 25th anniversary re-issue of “Thriller” sold about 160,000 copies last week. As an older album, it’s ineligible for the Billboard album charts, but if it was, it would have placed at #2 right behind Jack Johnson. Guess Neverland Ranch is staying open.
Mariah’s new single is out-entitled “Touch My Body”. Right now, I’m torn between liking it and thinking it’s completely silly. This song almost sounds beneath her (very similar to the way I feel about Janet’s “Feedback”), but it’s…cute. Yeah, that’s a good word. Cute.
Listen and judge for yourself:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlHmyCxU-Ng
Finally, because a post of mine isn’t complete with a Kanye reference: is it me or does the video for “Flashing Lights” make absolutely no sense? Then again, if you’re one of the Kanye critics, seeing him get beaten with a shovel might do something for you. Enjoy!!