Well, I spent yesterday telling you how worth it Marvin Gaye’s Here, My Dear reissue was. Hope you got it, ’cause ain’t a whole lot else coming out today!!
January is typically the music industry’s equivalent of the graveyard shift, so I don’t have a hell of a lot to recommend to you. Among new releases, there’s a new album from Ringo Starr (who no one has cared about new music from in about 3 decades) and there’s the sophomore effort from neo-soul act Raheem DeVaughan, whose first album I liked well enough, but was annoyed by because it was copy-protected. Those of you into world music might also want to check out the new one from Ladysmith Black Mambazo.
Far as reissues go, if you’re having a Nineties jones, you now have The Spice Girls’ Greatest Hits to satiate you. I figure if you’re dumb enough to spend hundreds of dollars on Spice Girls concert tickets, $10 for the CD will just be a drop in the bucket (yeah, I know that’s kind of mean…they’re probably worth a GH compilation). There’s also the same love songs compilations trotted out by the likes of Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin & Billie Holiday (to capitalize on that Valentine’s Day dollar) and…not much else.
So, hopefully, in the event that you do make it out to a CD store today, you’ll at least find some good 2007 albums to catch up on!