Yet another dirty little secret that might cause you to question my musical taste: I love Fall Out Boy. I think what snared me first was their videos-these guys obviously don’t take themselves too seriously. Pete Wentz is a very likable character, and Patrick Stump can legitimately carry a tune. They’ve sort of transcended the whole “emo” tag and are a damn fine pop/rock group. Can you hum any Panic! at the Disco tunes? Probably not, but you can sing the fuck out of just about every FOB song.

They’re releasing a new album called “Folie a Deux” in November, and the rumor is that it’s going to be a “political” album.This scares me. A lot. However, the album’s first single, “I Don’t Care”, is so good that it almost allays my fears about the rest of the album. They threw in everything but the kitchen sink here: stabbing synths, a bone-crunching guitar riff (that sounds like some other song that’s right on the tip of my tongue and will frustrate me to no end until I figure out what song it is), and you’ve gotta love any song with the gang-style chanted choruses. Talk about anthemic.

Check the song out and let us know what you think, while you ponder whether the two guys in Fall Out Boy who aren’t Pete Wentz or Patrick Stump care about the fact that no one knows or cares who the hell they are.