OK, so both me and GG are out of town this week, so the next couple of entries might be rushed and short…sorta like the one I’m about to write.

This week’s most interesting new release isn’t actually coming out this week…Gnarls Barkley’s “The Odd Couple” was suddenly pushed up from it’s initial mid-April street date to…sometime last week. Retailers were instructed to sell the record as soon as they got it. At any rate, it should be out everywhere by now (I have my copy) and because Cee-Lo is one of those guys who seems to be incapable of making an uninteresting album, you should check it out.

Also out this week, the new album from the Jack White/Brendan Benson side project The Raconteurs (which hopefully is better than their shitty first album), the sophomore effort from Panic! At The Disco (who are now Panic At The Disco…the most inexplicably idiotic name change since Matchbox 20 became matchbox twenty), Diddy’s new vocal group Day26 (coming from the latest season of “Making The Band”), the first album from Counting Crows in something like half a decade, AND “Funplex”, the first new album from the B-52’s since 1991!!!

Sorry for the condensed version, but I gotta run: Happy Shopping!!