I’ve been writing my Friday Throwback post at my own blog for about the last 9 months, but I thought it was perfect for the blog here at Music Help Web. Basically, what I do is take a song from my youth, find the video on YouTube, and re-watch it and just chart my thoughts about it.

Let’s give it up for Craig Mack.

– How cute, Puffy and Biggie are wearing matching hats.

– Did you know that Biggie got more butts than ashtrays?

– Don’t be mad, UPS is hiring.

– Puffy kind of looked like a broke Michael Jackson grabbing his crotch during Craig Mack’s verse.

– What was Irv Gotti doing in the background?

– Has anyone asked LL Cool J what the heck his verse was about? Couscous? Tongue kiss a piranha?

– Hey look, there’s half of Busta Rhymes. When he used to be fun.

That’s still one of the greatest posse cuts ever. But whatever happened to Craig Mack? Well, Biggie showed up and took the hip hop world by storm and Mack kind of got left behind. According to his Wikipedia entry, he was scheduled to drop something last year, but it was shelved. Maybe he’ll bring flava to your ear another day.