Our lead writer and editor “aka Money Mike” posted about this earlier, but the videos from MSNBC are up and I decided to share them here in a second post and give a little play by play.

I know what you’re all thinking. Why are two grown ass men excited about the New Kids getting back together? Um, hmmm. Good question. We’ll get back to you on that one.

Step By Step, Right Stuff, and Please Don’t Go Girl

– I think Jordan should’ve probably stopped running before starting to sing Step By Step.

– When Joey Mac started Please Don’t Go Girl, his face said, “Please voice, don’t crack.”

– I love how Donnie doesn’t even try to sing. He just tries to get phone numbers while he goes into the crowd.

Dear Summer(time)

– I like the first single Summertime and they brought it out at the perfect time.

– I’ll second what Mike said – Are Jon and Danny’s mics even on?

– How did Jordan lose that keg underneath his shirt from the last time we saw him on Surreal Life? He should book and sell that diet. Oh I forgot, it’s the “Hmm, we can make a lot of money for one last run so I better get my ass in the gym” diet.

– I wonder if some of those backup dancers were even old enough to see these guys the first time around?

Interview and Tonight

– I agree with Mike in that this isn’t necessarily the best song for them, but I have a feeling that because it was one of their last hits, it has some significance to them.

– And it gave them a chance to bust out with some funky old school dances. And did someone say, “Oh scribble”?

– Does this mean no more Jordan albums where he re-sings all the old New Kids songs? If that’s the case, I welcome them back!