As I watch tiny flakes fall from the German sky, I think to myself… “Let it snow!”

Snow shouldn’t excite me as much as it does. I still can’t help but feel excited when I see it, though, especially since I’ve been living in warm places for the past five years. Not counting Thanksgiving 2014, when my husband Bill and I ran into an aberrant snowstorm that dumped a couple of inches in Virginia, I haven’t really seen much of the stuff in years. Now that we live in Germany again, I’m thinking to myself “Let it snow!” I’ll just sit in the house and snuggle with my dogs… and listen to music, of course. Lots of artists have recorded the song, “Let It Snow”, which usually gets played at Christmas time.

A classic version by Dean Martin.

This song isn’t really a Christmas song, though, is it? Do they even mention the big winter holiday at all in this song? I don’t think so. Why shouldn’t we sing it in January or February, when snow may be more likely to fall?

Michael Buble updates “Let It Snow”, along with some manly sounding backup singers.

I think it works even better with a woman singer…

Maybe not Jessica Simpson, though… What the hell is she doing to this song?

I’m kind of partial to the song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. You can have a lot of fun with the suggestive lyrics if you have the right partner. The first time I heard this song, it was sung by James Taylor and Natalie Cole, who sounded fine together but didn’t seem to have much chemistry.

Lady Gaga sings with Joseph Gordon-Levitt… Do they have chemistry?

It’s kind of cool that Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt traded roles, but I’m not so sure they pull it off. Hmm, now that I think about it, it’s kind of a creepy song. Basically, one person is trying to talk the other to sticking around for some nookie. A little date rape, perhaps?

Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw sing… after Colbie hawks her Christmas album.

And here’s a very cute version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by the Hound + the Fox.

These two have chemistry! So cute, despite the song’s date rape theme.

Even I get into the act on this one. I recorded this version with a SingSnap member named Outnumbered 321.

Nobody’s ever sung this to me for real, though. No one I ever dated could sing worth a damn.

Sadly, since my husband is currently in hot and sunny Chad, I won’t be snuggling with anyone on this snowy day. Bah humbug!