John Wesley Harding's New Album: ''The Sound of His Own Voice''

Back when I was in high school, British folk-rocker John Wesley Harding first wooed me with an earnest acoustic guitar cover of Madonna’s (then quite recent hit) “Like a Prayer” (from an EP he called God Made Me Do It), and then with a great big horn-backed celebration (?) of the dark side of mankind called “The Devil In Me”. Although he’s been a most prolific artist for the past two decades, I lost touch with him somewhere between high school diploma and college degree. But with his latest video, he takes me all the way back to middle school, with some help from his comedian pal Eugene Mirman (better known perhaps as “The Fertility Clown”). The song is called “Sing Your Own Song”, from the album The Sound of His Own Voice, and as much as the video borrows from a Paul Simon classic, the song itself is a virtual re-write of Mama Cass by way of Sesame Street.

Oh, and did I mention you can download the song for free from Amazon? You’re welcome.