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Paul and David Foster in Las Vegas in 2009. Image by Getty Images via Daylife

CNN is reporting that legendary crooner Paul Anka co-wrote and performs on Michael Jackson’s This Is It, the late singer’s final release.

Anka, a powerful songwriter also had chart success dating back to 1951’s Diana.  He last appeared as an artist on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts 26 years ago singing Hold Me ‘Til The Morning Comes, a song he co-wrote with producer David Foster.    Anka also penned songs for Buddy Holly and multiple Spanish artists in addition to his own tracks, but his compositions My Way and The Tonight Show Theme.

Anka told reporters yesterday that he wrote This Is It in 1983, and that he and Jackson recorded the song together a decade later in Anka’s studios.  The 69 year old singer, a week away from returning to the charts more than 50 years after he too struck gold as a teen singer, has told multiple media sources that the Jackson camp has acknowledged the song’s pedigree and the album will feature Anka’s piano as well as show the appropriate songwriting credit.