I’m not the world’s biggest Elton John fan (yeah, sacrilege, I know) and I’m not the world’s biggest Ben & Jerry’s fan. Well…correction, I could potentially eat the entire contents of the average Ben & Jerry’s, but I’m diabetic.

At any rate, to honor Elton John’s upcoming show in the state of Vermont (fun fact: Vermont is the only state that Sir Elton has never played in), B&Js is creating a flavor called Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road. Consisting of chocolate, cookie dough and peanut butter, the flavor is obviously named for Elton’s massive hit album from the mid-Seventies.

I am definitely in admiration of the Rocket Man’s charity work over the years, and all the proceeds for sales of this ice cream flavor will go to benefit the Elton John AIDS foundation, an organization which has raised hundreds of million dollars for AIDS research since its inception in the early Nineties.

So, forget your calorie counter and do something good for the world…pick up a tub of this stuff.

Now, off to find out what “brickle” is…



Want a bonus? Here’s a vid of my favorite EJ song.