I feel kinda stupid writing a John Mayer fanboy post less than two weeks after my most recent John Mayer fanboy post, but, fuck it.

As many of you know (well, you do if you read my new release column on Tuesdays), John Mayer recently released a live album called “Where The Light Is”. Technically speaking, it’s his *third* live album (although to be fair, one of the three included almost all new material). However, since I already own one Mayer live album, I decided to bypass this one and purchase the two songs that interested me most. One of the two is a remake of one of the most revered rock songs of recent years, “Free Fallin'” by Tom Petty. Mayer’s acoustic remake plays around with the melody a little bit, giving it more of a plaintive feel than Petty’s version. While I can’t necessarily say that Mayer’s version is the equal of Petty’s version, I think it’s pretty damn close, and it’s pretty much been ruling my iPod for the past week or so. Check both versions out for yourself (if you haven’t already decided that the first 40,000 times you’ve heard Petty’s version is enough) and let me know what you think.

Here be the original version…

And there be Mayer’s remake: