The Gang of Four Is More Deluxe Than You

Now this is what I call deluxe! With the CD in decline and digital downloads ascendant, a lot of artists and record companies have been going to strange lengths lately to get people to buy actual physical product. But, as evidenced by this blurb about their latest album, British aggro-dance-punk elder statesmen Gang of Four have taken the notion of deluxe (not to mention the notion of physical media – at least in a “pop” context) to a whole new level:

As pictured on the cover of the all-new Gang of Four album C O N T E N T , The Ultimate C O N T E N T Can will contain, a CD copy of the album and, in the band’s own words, “an art piece Jon and Andy have done on ceramic tiles depicting the last 40 years of world history, a book of lyrics, a book of Rotoscoped photographs of the band’s emotions, vials of band members’ blood and a scratch and sniff booklet which reflects the key areas of human activity.” Also included is the exclusive bonus track “2nd Life.”

Now, how much would you pay? ($49.99)