Over the weekend, Big Money Mike (popblerd on Twitter) from Popblerd! and I talked the year in pop music. While we do this from time to time, including on his show’s podcast, we decided to record it as a year end music podcast for this site.

We discussed some of the big themes in pop music for the year, such as Eminem’s big comeback, Justin Bieber’s success and what we think happens to him when the pop idol status goes away, and why it was a good year for hip hop.

We also bring on Matt Bjorke (roughstock on Twitter) from Rough Stock to talk the year in country music. Matt talks a bit about Taylor Swift’s history and we go into small detail about black country music artists. Then he gives us his favorite album of the year.

Mike and I finish by going over a bunch of albums and we give quick thoughts about them.

Right click to download or stream below.