I was on Yahoo.com yesterday and noticed that a blogger was writing about Mariah Carey’s new video and how even though people think Glitter was the low point in her career, she actually got paid a ton of money to leave Virgin and only did one album for them. The blogger noted that it was a Frank Lucas’ like business decision. Mariah is Mariah in the new video and she mentions YouTube in the new song and it made me think about some of her old videos, including this one, which is most memorable for her attempt at dancing.

  • I’m guessing those jeans are the reverse of low rise.
  • Look at her shimmy and shake.
  • Baby Mariah is a little darker than regular Mariah.
  • “The one you gave away will be the only one you’re wishing for.”
  • Sometimes that blouse falls off her shoulder and then in the next scene it’s perfect. I wonder if Tommy Mottola was cracking the whip to make her pull her blouse back up.
  • There it is. The very famous terrible Mariah version of the running man.
  • Dude’s playing the drums on that bucket for a long time.

Time for a little bonus coverage. Here’s Mariah’s new video for Touch My Body.