This has absolutely nothing to do with music specifically, and everything to do with boobies. Specifically, the breasts of former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland.
The 27-year old singer (who I think is better looking than Beyonce and a better singer to boot-so there!!) admitted that she went under the knife in 2007, increasing her chest size from an A to a B cup-specifically citing an instance in which she couldn’t fit into a particular House of Dereon top (way to promote your girl’s clothing line, Kelly). I gotta say that bothered me a little bit just because Kelly was DAMN fine as it was, and it didn’t seem like she had any, um…issues with the chest areas before.
Anyway, I’m sure the fact that yet another pop singer has had breast surgery will raise the eyebrows of women who believe that that type of surgery is either evident of self-hating or sets a bad example for young girls (hey, it’s her own money…she can do what the hell she wants). Me? I just want the girl to make some good music. That “Ms. Kelly” album was fucking horrid.
Besides, I like boobies. They’re fun to play with (amazing what you can get away with when you’re gay…just saying).
At any rate, here’s a link to Kelly’s new video, which features Travie (Travis McCoy) from Gym Class Heroes, a guilty pleasure of mine. Not sure where this song comes from, but it beats anything on her last album. Maybe they’re trying to lump her back into that “alternative” vibe that she had on her first solo album.