My Stevie Wonder fanaticism started as a very young child. I can remember my dad playing songs off Hotter Than July and Original Musiquarium Vol. 1 on his record player. I remember that when it was my birthday, he played Happy Birthday. Years later I would learn that the song was created for Martin Luther King Jr. and it was Stevie’s way of saying that his birthday needed to be a National holiday. But it wasn’t until Part Time Lover did I start to seek out and find Stevie. I would listen on the radio and wait for this song to play and record it on my baby boom box. LL would’ve been so proud. I didn’t even know what the song was about. All I knew was that Stevie was cool, with the beads hanging from strands of his hair.

  • We are undercover passion on the run.
  • Chasing love, up against the sun.
  • Why would dude check out that skinny girl’s butt?
  • Is that Grace Jones with a wig?
  • Look at Steve in that hat.
  • I guess two can play the game.
  • I think Luther Vandross helps Stevie by singing back up here.
  • This version of the music video cuts off the beginning where the couple is watching an old movie and the phone rings, but neither answers. Foreshadowing~!
  • But the best part of the beginning is that dude is wearing moccasins with no socks.
  • This video was directed by Bill Parker. I bet he wrapped it up by saying, “Wham!”

I think that song is something like 22 years old. And Stevie’s still making music today. If you asked me which album I would take on an island with me, it’d probably be one of Stevie’s (Songs In The Key Of Life?), and alongside MJ, he’s one of my two favorite artists of all time.