After being on Mission: Man Band, former Color Me Badd lead singer Bryan Abrams was shown as a drunk and as my buddy Speeddeezy put it, someone who ate the rest of Color Me Badd. But he still had that voice. As the lead singer of CMB, he was one of the voices of the early 90s. Though I Wanna Sex You Up wasn’t a US number 1 hit, if not for this song, I Adore Mi Amor and All For Love would’ve never hit number 1. Maybe the apex of their career was when they were the focus of an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 where they were horded by fans all over, and then invited a non-fan in Kelly Taylor into their room to chat. Yes, to chat. You mean they didn’t wanna sex her up? Well, I don’t think Kelly was into the 4 on 1 action.

This song sampled not only Slick Rick, but also Betty Wright.

  • You had one guy who was a George Michael look alike and one guy who was a Kenny G look alike. Both in the same group!
  • Did you know that this song was originally on the New Jack City soundtrack?
  • Can you really make love until you drown? What are they, on a boat?
  • Does a song like this really need the running man choreography in the background?
  • And then the New Kids/New Edition choreography in the dirt?
  • Kenny G kind of got lucky there didn’t he? No game!

I do hope that Abrams finds some success with Sureshot, the group created out of the Mission: Man Band show. The music business is rough. How Abrams, who had star written all over him, could miss for all these years is a mystery.