In 8th grade, one of the dance crews was performing at our junior high school rally. One of the members of the crew was a good friend of mine, so I was excited to see them dance. I honestly don’t remember much about their performance, but mostly because I was mesmerized by the song that came booming out of those speakers that day. In junior high school, kids are easily influenced and start liking things they may not have liked because of who introduced it to them. Well, I can’t say that I wasn’t influenced because one of my friends was dancing on stage and it was very cool, but when music hits you, it just hits you.

– Yep, those are polka dots. That was his signature look.

– Dude just busted out with a keytar.

– “Love, cherish, respect and always be there for you”

– Is he ever going to play the keytar?

– This was the first song I’d ever heard where someone told a girl he would drink her bath water. It was disgusting then and still is now.

– Ah, the old hump the floor dance move.

Kwame isn’t all that well remembered even though he had 3 songs chart in the top 10 on the rap charts in 1989 and 1990. He actually stopped rapping by the mid 90s but recently came back as a producer and has worked with some main stream folks. I don’t think we’ll see the return of the polka dots, but this is what happens when rap stars go to die. If they have a good understanding with how the music is put together, they become producers.