Are reality shows where celebrities go to die, or is it where they can continue to stay in the public eye for just that much longer? Is being on a reality show just enough visibility to keep your back catalog selling if you were a former music artist? Or does it turn old fans away?

Several weeks ago, word was out that CMT (Country Music Television) was going to give the go ahead to a wrestling reality show starring none other than Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea). It was thought that the show could be canceled because of the recent bad light shed on Hogan’s family based his son Nick’s arrest for recklessly driving and crashing, leaving his best friend in need of lifetime medical care and in a nursing home.

It not only doesn’t look to be canceled, but it even has a cast, per this Yahoo! story. Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling is going to be running wild on us soon.

Looking up and down the cast, you have classic television stars, former wives of classic television stars, NBA stars, and whatever Trishelle is. But also, you have an 80s pop icon in Tiffany. I guess posing in Playboy and being on Celebrity Fit Club wasn’t enough.

I don’t want to see Tiffany taking bumps or being called “brother” by Hulk Hogan either, but you have to admit, this has car crash TV written all over it.

The Cast

Dennis Rodman (Rod The Bod)
Danny Bonaduce
Dustin “Screech” Diamond
Frank Stallone (Take You Back)
Todd Bridges (Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis?)
Tiffany (80’s pop star)
Erin Murphy (“Tabitha” from Bewitched)
Nikki Ziering (ex-Playboy Playmate and ex-wife of Ian “Steve Sanders” Ziering)
Trishelle Cannatella (drunken Real World slut)

I say that Frank Stallone takes the whole season as “The Italian Stallion II”.