Is it really a throwback if the song is only 13 years old? Well, since that would’ve made me 19, I’ll say yes.

112 was Bad Boy’s male R&B. Puffy (way before the Diddy) already had Total, his female group and Biggie, the man who would make him famous. He had also recently signed a new cat by the name of Ma$e who dropped what I believe to be his first Bad Boy verse on this song, the first single from the album 112.

– Biggie just looks largely uninterested while Puff dances his ass off in the beginning of this video.
– Game’s so tight they call it virgin.
– Puff is still dancing while he’s in the front seat. He thought he told us that he won’t stop.
– I wonder if they held up traffic during this shoot.
– Just so you know, Ma$e ain’t the one that’ll pay for your phone.
– He’s also buying things that you can’t even p’nounce. Is it odd that he’s telling people he’s buying things that they can’t even pronounce, but he doesn’t even pronounce the word pronounce correctly?
– Where the heck did Biggie go?