Ok, this is the wacky wrestling version of this song, but I didn’t really have anything picked out this week, and when you can’t fall back on Rowdy Roddy Piper, who can you really fall back on?

This song was the lead single (if you can call it that) from The Wrestling Album which was released in 1985. That album featured help from Cyndi Lauper, Rick Derringer and David Wolff, who I believe was Lauper’s boyfriend. Wolff produces much of it.

  • You gotta know how to twist – Jimmy Hart was actually a member of the band, The Gentrys, who had a number one single.
  • RIP Missing Link.
  • Look at Mr. Wonderful kissing his biceps.
  • Really, the Iron Sheik is right. You’ve got to move like de de Sheik.
  • Is that Meat Loaf on the drums?
  • I think that’s Lauper in the black wig too.
  • Wow, SD Jones got a line in there.
  • Wow, SD got two lines.
  • I forgot Adrian Adonis was on this song.
  • Watching Bret “The Hitman” Hart dance in the background with those shades on was great.
  • Jeez, Uncle Elmer?

I know that Wilson Pickett’s version wasn’t the original, but his was the most well known. I wonder what he thought about this version? And where in the heck was Hulk Hogan? Was he busy the day the recorded the song?