When I was a kid, my dad used to leave the VCR on all night recording MTV and VH-1, back when they both played videos. I guess he wanted to check out what he missed in the morning. But there was one video that I still remember until this day just because of how wacky it was. I sat there wondering why Lionel Richie was singing and dancing in booty high soccer short. Why wasn’t he just dancing on the ceiling? It was outrageous.

– Those are some short white shorts.

– They must’ve had to rehearse those dance sequences at least once before shooting the video.

– Even the referee was getting his boogie on.

– Which one is the father of that guy Adam from “The Real World”? I called him Adam Richie for most of the season until he did that terrible rap which lead me to believe there’s no way he could be Lionel Richie’s biological son with that lack of musical talent.

– Did they just kick a basketball at Lionel? And really, wouldn’t this video be better on the basketball court? Imagine Lionel in those same shorts, except with a tank top sized jersey, showing off a massive tuft of chest hair and gold chains danging from his neck. Ok, I think I went too far with that one. Back to the soccer field.

– Wait, I hope the girls threw those drawers at him.

– You just knew that girl with the long hair in the pig tails was trouble.

– There must be a “Behind The Music” story about how this video was a rib on a groupie activity that the Commodores had one time right? I imagine that story would start by Lionel saying, “One time, we were hanging out with Pele …”