Did you know that Jamie Walters is now a firefighter? Nope, he doesn’t throw Donna off the stairs anymore. Actually, Jamie Walters says that being a woman abuser on Beverly Hills, 90210 was a bad move because still, to this day, he receives flack from Donna fans who can’t separate the fact from fiction. Though How Do You Talk To An Angel was the hit song, I still liked this one better.

(True story. I come from a family of hair stylists and in my senior year of high school, I asked my Aunt Annette to cut my hair like Ray Pruit. For some reason, I liked his hairstyle.)

  • Are those microphones in his room?
  • That guy yelling at the girl in the room was like the Ray Pruitt of the video.
  • If Jamie was a real hero, he’d go save the girl instead of singing a song.
  • How can she hold on to you bruh if you’re singing in the other building?
  • Did the dude just cut his finger trying to open a can?
  • Don’t jump Valerie!

I think Jamie Walters did actually release two albums which you can probably find in the 99 cent used bin at your local record store. If I saw that dude out on the streets I’d probably ask him why he threw Donna off the stairs.