I am a child of the late Eighties and early Nineties. It’s when I became a teenager and really started to develop my musical taste. Somewhere in between getting caught up in the golden age of hip-hop and digging bands like R.E.M., Nirvana and Pearl Jam, I also developed a soft spot for the pop music of the day. So a perusal of my record collection will unveil names like C&C Music Factory, Rick Astley (I don’t care what you say…that boy could sing) and, yes, New Kids on the Block. I wasn’t a super-fan (trust me, I’d admit if I was), but I remember going to The Wiz on Fulton Street in Brooklyn and buying my copy of “Step By Step” (on cassette) the week it came out. I own (still) every album they put out on CD (except for the Christmas album, which I believe costs a small fortune nowadays). I even own several solo albums by Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre (and I owned the Danny Wood solo album at one point, which wasn’t that bad!).
At any rate, this leads up to people.com’s report that NKOTB is reforming to tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Hangin’ Tough” (has it been that long? I’m…feeling…really…fucking…old). If you log on to nkotb.com, you’ll also hear what sounds like new music, which leads me to believe that a new album is either being worked on or it’s completed (which, truthfully, excites me way more than a tour does). Either way, for all you New Kids fans out there (and the response I’ve gotten from many of my friends leads me to believe that there are WAY more of you out there than you’re willing to readily admit), be prepared to relive your childhoods. NKOTB is back!!!
(By the way, I just read that Danny Wood said on his MySpace page that there are no current plans for a reunion tour…although that is quite obviously new music on the group’s site. It could mean that the boys are staying mum, and it could mean that there will be a new album and/or a one-off performance…who knows?)
I swear I have never seen this video before:
Low-budget as hell.