Who remembers Dino? If the YouTube community is any measuring stick, not too many. But I do. Dino’s Summergirls was a jam in the late 80s and I even bought his second album Swingin’ in 1990, which featured lead single Romeo. Unfortunately, I can’t find videos for either Summergirls or Romeo, so Gentle will do. I also found 24/7, but that video is terrible.

I went to a New Kids On The Block concert (I think it was the Hangin’ Tough tour) with my sister, her best friend, and her mom many years ago and while I wasn’t much of a New Kids fan back then, I was interested in seeing the two opening acts. Dino and The Cover Girls opened that night and I seem to remember more about their performances than I do the New Kids’, though I do remember some of the silly dance routines. Interestingly enough, according to Wikipedia, Dino married one of The Cover Girls.

– What is up with that hair?

– This is a total early 90s video – shot in black and white, silly romantic scenes, and the band playing on stairs.

– Was that Randy Jackson on bass? I’m kidding on that one. I think.

– And Kid from Kid ‘n Play on the horn? Ok, I’m really kidding on that one.

– Why is the dude on the drums singing background?

– I don’t ever want to stop loving you girl, so don’t you ever stop, being my world.

Ah, the greatness of cheesy late 80s, early 90s music. It takes me back.