Heard Daughtry’s current hit “Feels Like Tonight”? Well, a rock band called The Asphalt might wanna give it a listen.
AOL reports that the Daughtry hit (which was co-written by Chris as well as Swedish songwriter Dr. Luke) is remarkably similar to The Asphalt’s hit “Tonight”.
A quick listen to the two songs, (check out the link here: http://news.aol.com/entertainment/music/music-news-story/ar/_a/daughtry-caught-in-plagiarism-scandal/20080410124709990002) reveals an *uncanny* resemblance, at least when it comes to the chorus. Hmmm…
This Dr. Luke guy has been accused of plagiarism before, actually it was just recently, when The Rubinoos sued Avril Lavigne for ripping “Girlfriend” off from a song of theirs called “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”.
Avril denied the claims, but the suit was settled out of court. So hmmm on that.
Unlike Avril, who seems like a total cunt sandwich, I like Daughtry, so hopefully this causes no adverse effects on his career. Still, someone might wanna say something to this Dr. Luke guy, y’know?