I know some of you remember The Boys. And no, these aren’t the cats that hung out with Heavy D, or Waterbed Heav as I like to call him. The Boys were a group of 4 young brothers who came out on Motown. They had a couple of hits, but then simply vanished. It was just as they were starting to make their mark. I read in a magazine that they moved to Africa, learned the native language, and started recording music as The Suns Of Light. And this was just recently. These dudes are crazy. And this video is must see.

– For those scoring at home, they are spoofing late 80s videos.

– That’s George Michael eating some fried chicken.

– That’s Bobby Brown (check out the hair).

– “You’ve got me going crazy, crazy”

– Um, they spoofed Madonna? Ha!

– Did that dude just do Johnny Gill doing Stevie Wonder? Check out the eyes.

– I think ‘Keem is a little light in the ass to be going after her.

– Ha! He couldn’t get Janet’s count from Rhythm Nation down.

– Oh man, the zombie chasing baby Michael and the fake Ola Ray made me spit out my cereal.

– I guess spoofing Milli Vanilli isn’t really spoofing right?

I think it’s been about 17 years since I’ve seen that video. Crazy.