Last night’s show was hard to watch. From Paula screwing up and analyzing a singing performance that hadn’t happened yet, to Simon being very grouchy, to the unorganized flow to the entire show, it was a hot mess. Neil Diamond didn’t really get a lot of air time and was low keyed because of the lack of time. The reason for the lack of time was because they decided to have each singer perform twice. Ryno Seacrest mentioned several times that they had to speed through things in order to get everyone done on the one hour show. No one wants to miss that 9 o’clock news.

Paula’s Screw Up

Brooke White and Jason Castro were again the worst of the bunch. But at least Brooke had great, shiny, silver pants. But they were also the worst of the bunch last week too. And neither of them went home. Syesha Mercado has been great these last few weeks, but she’s also been in the bottom more often than not. If she goes home tonight, it will be a second straight week where someone undeserving went home.

On to the show …

– Ryno just showed Idol alumni Gina Glocksen and Constantine in the audience. I think he buttoned up the very bottom button on his shirt. He was all chest hair tonight. Ryno also made him do the perv face.

– Ryno just set the record straight on Paula. He said that she’s not addicted to Vicodin and she’s still a part of the family. Ok, he didn’t say anything about Vicodin.

– Jason Castro is safe. Syesha just cringed.

– The two Davids are predictably safe, and deservedly so, since they are the most consistent out of the entire group of contestants.

– For some reason unknown to me, Natasha Bedingfield is singing Pocketful Of Sunshine. A little research showed me that it’s her new single. She then went over to hug David Archuleta who giggled like a little school girl, I mean, excited young man.

– Neil Diamond looks pretty sharp in his leather jacket and black slacks. But not as “pretty amazing” as Brooke’s pants from last night.

– In the bottom two are Brooke and Syesha and you can tell that Brooke expects to leave just by looking at her face. And she’s right. Big Rube is celebrating Brooke home tonight.

– I’ll miss two things about Brooke. I will miss watching for how she wore her hair, either with the natural curls, or straight. And I will miss those great pants she wore last night. What I won’t miss is her fumbling the lyrics, as she did tonight on her go home song.

What is the theme for next week? If it were up to me, it’d be New Kids On The Block night. David Cook would turn Step By Step into a grungy rock song.

Seacrest Out!