*Shit, I just realized I accidentally stole the original title of this blog…oops! My bad!!

Since we’re in the fourth quarter and new music is flying fast and furious, I figured now would be a good time to check out some of the new music bouncing across the airwaves, since there’s so much of it. I think we’re gonna go with four titles a week until January or February when the release schedule thins and there’s not as much to check out. Anyhow, this week I bring you new music from the mouth that roared, an underrated British trio, an Irish band following up a Platinum record, and…Wayne Brady. Yes, THAT Wayne Brady. Off we go…

Kanye West “Love Lockdown” (from “808’s & Heartbreak”, due December)

I wasn’t sure what to think when Kanye premiered this on the VMAs last week. I guess I wasn’t used to not only Kanye standing stock still on stage, but also there was the little fact that he was singing instead of rapping. A few listens later, I actually like the track-which I guess is a recurring theme with Mr. West because it took me a long time to appreciate the early singles off of his last two albums (‘Diamonds from Sierra Leone” and “Stronger”). It’s definitely one of those late-night, pulsing records that’s not exactly dance, but not exactly…whatever the opposite of dance is. This is one of the rare occasions where the whole autotune thing doesn’t bug me as much.

Keane “Spiralling” (from “Perfect Symmetry”, due October)

Keane has previously been known as “Coldplay with no guitars”, which, to me, is fine. I like Coldplay. I like pianos. We have a winner. Apparently, lead singer Tom Chaplin exited drug rehab with ants in his pants and the need to dance, because their new single “Spiralling” sounds like it came straight out of mid-Eighties British new wave/dance-pop. This is a good thing, people. Easily the best single of their career, this makes me VERY excited for their upcoming album, “Perfect Symmetry”.

Snow Patrol “Take Back the City” (from “A Hundred Million Suns”, due October 28th)

Snow Patrol is yet another band that has been somewhat unfairly compared to Coldplay. Despite the fact that both of their hit singles have been sort of slow and atmospheric (“Run” and “Chasing Cars”), I think they’ve got a more hard-rocking, anthemic sound. “Take Back the City” is evidence of that. It’s one of those lighter-in-the-air, wave-your-arms-around-and-jump type songs. I hate to say it, but this song reminds me of Nickelback, and what’s worse (or better, assuming there’s someone out there besides me who can actually tolerate Nickelback), I like it! It’s my least favorite of this week’s four songs, but this is a pretty strong set here.

Wayne Brady “Ordinary” (from “A Long Time Coming”, out 9/16)

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Wayne Brady is putting out an album. From the beginning, he’s always shown off his singing ability. But who knew that the “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” guy was capable of making a good record? While most folks will see “Ordinary” as a fairly standard adult pop/R&B record, this song is actually giving me some crazy Luther vibes. I’m actually a little tempted to check out his album (in stores tomorrow), but I’m sure my better judgment will get the best of me and I’ll at least check it out online before I take the plunge. But the song’s good!! Check it out!! (you’ll have to sign up for imeem in order to hear it).


Ordinary – Wayne Brady