Brandy, whose last album was produced by Kanye West and became her biggest hit in 6 years, was involved in a car accident several weeks ago whose details are only leaking out now.

The one-time child TV from Mississippi is now a 27 year old allegedly hit another car from behind on a Los Angeles freeway. The driver of the vehicle, a 38 year old mother of one, has died according to the AP, quoting a California Highway Patrolman spokesperson. The incident touched off a four vehicle collision.

Bo Diddley’s little cousin (yep, it’s true) was traveling at a speed estimated at 65 miles per hour when her SUV started the collision. No charges have been filed against the singer or actress.

Spinning In The CD Player Today:
B.B. King’s 80, which won a Grammy from Best Blues Album two years ago. The now 81 year old diabetic was hospitalized this weekend, and all thoughts are with him so he is with us for many years to come.