Two bands gone from the public eye for years are due for comebacks in 2007 according to media reports. Crowded House, the popular band from Down Under, and Rage Against The Machine, a group often collapsing into a melange of sound, have both announced plans to reunited and tour.

Rage, the LA-based band that broke up in 2000, had #1 albums on the Billboard charts in 1996 and 1999. The band fared less well with singles play (but so did Led Zeppelin), charting only a minor hit with Guerrilla Warfare from 1999’s The Battle of Los Angeles. The song also won a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance, the second of two Grammys the band took home.

Crowded House, built from the remnants of Split Enz, was an older band that was a smash throughout New Zealand and Australia. Their success translated to Europe, especially England, but never enjoyed the album success or Grammys that Rage pulled in with the exception of Don’t Dream It’s Over, a worldwide hit that reached #2 in the U.S.

Spinning In The CD Player Today
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