Not exactly the strongest vocalist when he was in his prime, former pop star Billy Joel will sing the national anthem in today’s Super Bowl. He has done Star Spangled Super Bowl duties before, and luckily, gets to perform before Prince, rather than after.

Joel also announced through his music company that All My Life, a ballad he wrote for his wife, will be streamed live on People magazine’s web site for a week beginning February 7. The song will then be for sale exclusively on iTunes for two weeks.

All My Life is the first pop music Joel has released since 1993’s River of Dreams. During the intervening 14 years, the Piano Man has seen public breakups and marriages, tours all over the world with Elton John (a fantastic show), rehab and car accidents and the blossoming career of 20 year old daughter Alexa, whose birth may have contributed more material to the Billy Joel song catalog than any other event.

Knock ’em dead, Billy. The now 58 year old singer rarely won critical acclaim. His vocals during today’s football game will undoubtedly be massacred in the media. But just maybe one of pop music’s best songwriters ever recaptured the magic in All My Life.

Spinning in the CD Today
Why, the River of Dreams, of course. Sure, I could listen to new stuff, but I have to get in the mood for a long awaited return.