Hard to believe it’s been almost fifteen years since that guy who played drums in Nirvana became a rock star himself, isn’t it? The Foo Fighters have built up a pretty decent following (not to mention a slew of hit albums and a few Grammy awards to boot) over that time, and in November, they’ll be releasing their first Greatest Hits album.

I’m of the mind that a Foos compilation is long overdue. They’re definitely more of a singles band than anything else-if you have their first two albums, anything beyond that is pretty much a redundancy (and I say this as someone who has owned each of their studio albums). One album, with the evergreens on it (“My Hero”, “Everlong”, “Best of You”, “I’ll Stick Around”) is really all you need.

The first of the new tracks from this compilation is “Wheels”, and it finds Dave Grohl and company mellowing out a little. One YouTube commenter compared it to Nickelback, which is probably a little harsh, but this is by far the band’s most radio-friendly single in quite some time. Check it out and let us know what you think.