Not only has T.I. been on his own personal road to redemption after his 2007 arrest for purchasing illegal guns, but he’s been on the road to redemption in my book simply for making decent music. The Atlanta MC surprised me with his latest album, “Paper Trail”, which boasts at the very least a handful of undeniable singles. T.I.’s lyricism has improved (thanks to something as simple as writing his lyrics down), and the result is what I consider the first listenable album of his career.

As T.I. prepares to head for the pokey next month, he leaves us with the video for “Dead & Gone”, which features Justin Timberlake. It’s their second hit collaboration, following JT’s smash “My Love” back in ’06. It’s a pretty affecting video, and it makes me wonder-hope, even-that T.I. will emerge from this ordeal a wiser, more responsible man.