What was the name of that ridiculous Adam Sandler movie where he and Kevin James played two straight firefighters posing as a gay couple for marriage benefits? I may not remember the movie’s title, but I do remember the brief appearance of Dave Matthews in the movie, a wordless cameo as a flamboyant clothing store employee. Based on facial expressions alone, it was obvious that Dave had the chops to be a fabulous comedic actor. Well, in his new video, Dave spends a ton of time mugging for the camera. “Funny the Way it Is” actually kinda reminds me of some of Peter Gabriel’s excellent 80s videos.

One thing kinda weirds me out, though. This is a Dave Matthews Band video, right? Then where the hell is the band? Stefan and Carter appear in the clip for about 3 seconds each, while Boyd Tinsley isn’t in the video at all. Weird. Why do I get this sinking feeling that this current tour will be the band’s last?

Anyway, check the clip out and let us know what you think.