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Now, on to Sasha Fier…uh, Beyonce.

If it works once, why not do it again? That’s obviously what Beyonce was thinking when she decided to make a video for “Ego”, the fifth (fifth!!) single from “I Am…Sasha Fierce”. Rocking the same three girl-dancing lineup that made “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)” a viral sensation (and a surefire nominee for Best Video at this year’s VMAs), “Ego” showcases even more sexy dance moves, with Beyonce rocking the mother of all fright wigs and showing off those gargantuan peanut-butter thighs. DAMN!!!!

As for the song itself? Meh. I wasn’t crazy about the album when I first heard it, and I can’t say that many of the songs have grown on me over the past six or seven months. Allegedly Kanye West is on tap to appear on this song’s remix. Kanye. Appearing on a song called “Ego”. ‘Magine that.

I can’t help but think that this song’s about Jay-Z and the word “ego” is being used as a euphemism for…oh man, perish the thought!! Is Beyonce even that clever of a songwriter?

Anyway, peep the video and let us know what you think.