The buzz is very quickly increasing on Rihanna’s “Rated R”, which is expected on November 23rd. Following the moody, mysterious first single “Russian Roulette”, we get the…moody, mysterious new single ‘Wait Your Turn”. Aside from being moody and mysterious, these songs have one thing in common to me: they’re both boring as hell. I know Rihanna’s supposed to be working this ice-queen vibe in her music, but the songs on her last album had some pep and vigor. These songs are just very…blah. She’s a much better vocalist than a lot of folks give her credit for, but she can’t save these songs. Why do I get the feeling I’ll be disappointed with this album? Talk about unfair expectations. Prior to “Good Girl Gone Bad”, I wouldn’t have given a warm shit about a Rihanna release. Make one good album and the world is expected of you, huh?

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