Barely a year after her last platinum success, Mariah Carey’s back, and she’s gunning straight for a certain Marshall Mathers. “Obsessed” is the name of the song, the first release from her upcoming “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” (ohhh-KAY), and while it’s certainly sharper and more aggressive from a lyrical standpoint than the average Mariah single, musically it’s more of the same ol’ same ol’ she’s been putting out since she officially switched all the way over to Hoodrat Mariah a couple years back. Neither I nor my compadre GG is especially impressed with the track, which was touted as a return to “old school” Mariah. This sounds nothing like “Vision of Love” or “Dreamlover” to my ears. Perhaps I need Q-Tips? (actually, I think I need Q-Tip. I’m putting on “The Renaissance” now).

This should, at the very least, make for an interesting video…and perhaps another tired response from Eminem?