The first season of “American Idol” that I watched was the season in which Elliott Yamin competed, and it was largely due to him that I made it through that entire season and watched at least parts of subsequent seasons. The guy’s got skills, point blank, and enough people believed that to catapult Elliott to a 3rd place finish on the show. He then confounded critics by going the indie route and scoring a Gold album with his self-titled debut, which spawned the smash single “Wait for You”. Two years later, Elliott is back with a new album due in May and its’ first single “Fight for Love”.  It’s a pretty, midtempo joint with a chorus that you won’t stop singing for days. As always, Elliott brings the goods vocally. No Auto-Tune needed for this cat.

AOL’s Popeater debuted the song. Listen to it here and let us know what you think.