blinkI’ll admit, it was nice to see the three members of blink-182 back on stage at the Grammy Awards last Sunday, especially after the plane crash that almost took drummer Travis Barker’s life. Though blink was never one of my favorite bands, they were catchy enough, and the last album they made (the self-titled one) stretched the band out artistically and made me think that they were more talented than their juvenile pop-punk indicated. In terms of band reunions? This one’s cool. And you’d feel the same way if you had to sit through one of those awful Angels & Airwaves records. Lordy. The whole is definitely greater than the sum of blink-182’s parts.

But who the hell told Limp Bizkit (or is it limpbizkit?) to reunite? According to this Billboard article, Fred Durst and his cronies have decided to get back together for a tour and album. This move puzzles me for a couple of reasons. First off, I’d imagine the Bizkits would know that their fans (most of whom were in their early teens and receiving their first exposure to music-so therefore didn’t know any better) have grown and moved on to more refined musical tastes. Which, let’s face it, isn’t so difficult. Second, isn’t it a little too early for there to be late-90s nostalgia? What’s next? Is Lou Bega gonna hit the road again?

We thought we were rid of Fred Durst and that damn backwards red baseball cap. We thought he’d gone from soiling our ears with music to ruining Ice Cube’s movie career. But noooooooo. He and his band have returned to violate our senses once again. Man, some bands should really stay broken up.