Yesterday, I asked my Facebook friends who they think are the most egotistical rock stars…

I was inspired to ask this question after reading up on The Eagles, specifically Don Henley and Glenn Frey. I actually like The Eagles’ music, though I stopped listening to them as much when they fired Don Felder. I like Don Henley’s voice and fully admit that he writes great lyrics. I like Glenn Frey’s music, too, though not so much when he plays solo. Anyway, after reading about The Eagles, I went to The Smoking Gun and read some of the hilariously demanding riders performance artists put in their contracts before they do a show. Don Henley’s rider was egregiously demanding.

My pick for most egotistical rock stars…

I wondered who else was overly cocky and asked my friends. They came up with the following list of the most egotistical rock stars before we got sidetracked by a discussion about Prince and his many muses.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

I’m not really an Aerosmith fan, though I do like “Dream On”. Apparently, front man Steven Tyler is egotistical. I guess you’d have to be to pull off that outfit he’s wearing.

Bono of U2

It seems that Bono made the list because he’s always preaching about social issues. I quit listening to U2 about twenty years ago, though I have to admit Bono and his band have charisma chops. Is he egotistical? Yeah, probably.

Kanye West

I have never really listened to much of Kanye West’s music, but I have seen his antics on TV. The first time I ever heard about Kanye West was when a loopy Anna Nicole Smith declared him a genius. Then I saw him on a Hurricane Katrina benefit talking about how George W. Bush doesn’t care about black people. I will never forget the shocked look on Mike Myer’s face as Kanye took it upon himself to ad-lib and shame W on live TV. Kanye also famously interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards to say that Beyonce should have won. Yeah, maybe his music isn’t technically rock, but I think he belongs on the egotistical list.

Kanye butts in…


Performing with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Madonna loathes hydrangeas.

Madonna certainly belongs on this list. I mean, she deserves credit for marketing herself and reinventing her image over and over again. But she is not known for her humility.


I was a big Prince fan back in the day. I still think he’s a musical genius, though my tastes have evolved a bit since his heyday. He’s got an ego to match his talent.

This is a pretty damn cool video featuring Prince and other guitar legends. I think maybe his egotism is warranted.

I actually respect him for kicking Kim Kardashian off the stage, though…

Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones

Don’t get me wrong. I love Jagger’s swagger and it’s hard to be a rock star without an ego to match… but he belongs on this list, too!

You gotta have a big ego and some balls to pull off these dance moves with David Bowie…

Justin Bieber

And last but not least, Justin Bieber makes the list. This guy has been all over the news for his antics. Most recently, he got busted for DUI in Miami. His behavior has been so bad that Americans have taken to demanding his deportation to Canada. Given how much we love it when stars engage in attention seeking behavior, I’d say Biebs has a spot on the most egotistical rockstar list.

Got any to add? Leave me a comment!