If Sonic Clashers got this one right, look for Tim Urban and Didi Benami to be swiveling in stools after Ryan Seacrest announces they’re in the bottom three.

And look for the teary contestant (who evokes the name or memory of her freshman college roommate Rebecca Lear more than Danny mentioned his recently deceased wife last year) to go home tonight.

The Sonic Clash Spring Singing Contest entries are in (but you still have until the results show begins airing on the East Coast tonight to enter this week’s contest).

Every vote put Didi Benami in the bottom two.   More than half of the voters selected her to go home tonight.   Benami butchered Jimmy Ruffin’s What Becomes of the Brokenhearted last night and may have saved moptopped Tim Urban.   The boy who has nine lives was called out as tonight’s loser on all of the ballots that did not select Benami.

This week’s biggest surprise?    As the competition tightens, the buzz around marginal contests is beginning to evaporate.   Aaron Kelly and Siobhan Magnus both received “bottom two” votes.  Magnus has all fallen from favor as the winning singer after front-runner Crystal Bowersox played against type last night by dressing up, playing the piano and singing Midnight Train to Georgia.

Mamasox now has been selected as the contest winner by 50% of Sonic Clash voters.