Five days after Mamas and Pappas member Denny Doherty, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame died in his native Ontario, funeral arrangements have yet to be corrected.

Doherty, who fell ill during the holiday season, was on dialysis and died a week after being released from the hospital. He shot to fame with the California-sound group led by John Phllips, a brilliant songwriter with a prodigious drug habit. After Phillips’ death in 2001 and Cass Elliott’s death at the height of the group’s popularity (she did not choke on a ham sandwich — she had a heart attack!), beautiful, blonde Michelle Phillips, the epitome of a California Girl, remains the group’s only surviving member. Michelle was also linked to Doherty romantically for many years.

Although he tried to reconstitute the group using John’s daughter MacKenize and others, as well as produce a musical based on Mama Cass’ delightful take on Dream A Little Dream, Doherty had all but disappeared from the spotlight, with the exception of the group’s Rock Hall induction in 1998. Three of the four were still alive and able to enjoy one last twirl in the spotlight when they were inducted with The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, artists they influenced a great deal.

Spinning In The CD Player Today
A beautiful acoustic version of Rod Stewart singing Amazing Grace. I didn’t know Denny Doherty, but from wht I do know, he would have liked it.