The Sonic Clashers know their singers!

Weepy Didi Benami was the far and away favorite to go home last week if you listen to our readers.   The teary-eyed blonde was named on 100% of all ballots cast for The Bottom Two last week.

Do you know how hard it is to get 100% of people to agree on anything musical, much less picking a name out of multiple artists?  Here’s how hard:  we’ve polled Sonic Clash readers before and some have said The Beatles’ music was just all right, that there were better rock bands in the mid 1960s.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see only 97% agree that the name of our planet is Earth.

So when Benami went buh-bye fast, I knew the judges wouldn’t even think of saving her.  Nicely done, Clashers!  And tw0-thirds of you added Tim Urban not-Cowboy to The Bottom Two so you really nailed the competition.

The interesting thing:  of the 33% of you who picked someone other than Didi Benami or Tim Urban in The Bottom Two, no one picked Katie Stevens.   You watched the show “back”.  You know the teenager with the really low register was in the bottom three for the second straight week.

Don’t forget to PLAY THIS WEEK’S SINGING CONTEST. Your answers MUST be in by the time the results show airs on the East Coast.  The deadline is not your local time, but when the show goes live.  And if you haven’t played yet, this is your last chance to pick The Final Three and The Winner before the point totals drop to their lowest value of 4 points each.

Sonic Singing Contest Leaderboard

MT is our overall leader with 7 points!

Hea Jin is a close second with 6 points

Yoel, Bridget and Cindy each have 4 points.

And nipping at their heels are Shantel, Monica and Michelle each with 3 points.   And don’t forget Joe F and his point.  If he gets the Bottom Two and the person going home right this week, he wins 4 points and is right back in the race.

You could be in the race for a $25 Amazon gift card too. PLAY THIS WEEK’S SINGING CONTEST and show us your judging talent!