The long awaited Chinese Democracy, one of rock’s great mystery albums now that Brian Wilson has released SMile, will arrive in stores in March, according to Axl Rose.

Rose, who led Guns N’ Roses to prominence in the 1980s as the apparent successors to Aerosmith, saw the band blow apart much like Aerosmith itself did a decade earlier. Like Aerosmith, GNR had a world class guitarist in Slash, a tight rhythm section and a front man who could create waves through charisma — good and bad.

The Sweet Child O’ Mine guys haven’t released a studio album in 13 years, rendering them virtually irrelevant to today’s music scene. Yet Rose, despite the occasional foray into a party debacle, has kept the band’s aura top of mind. The multi platinum Appetite for Destruction, one of rock’s seminal works, has helped.

Now Chinese Democracy, long rumored and reportedly costing millions to produce is set to be released. Expect a huge sales push from the merely curious. The question is whether will Chinese Democracy can take root and relaunch the band.

Spinning In The CD Player Today:
The Genius of Ray Charles, in honor of legendary record exec Ahmet Ertegun, the best R&B and rock producer ever. His list of accomplishments, discoveries and signings is legendary and usually known by one name: Ray, Aretha, The Stones, Zeppelin, CSNY and on and on. A brilliant songwriter, he wrote classics such as Chain of Love and many other. The guy was 83 years old and fell backstage at a Stones concert. 83. How cool is that? And how strange is it that one of his earliest superstars, Ruth Brown, died in Vegas the same day he fell?