What an inspired choice from the producers of the movie Eragon to use an Avril Lavigne power pop ballad, Keep Holding On, as its theme.

Speaking of the Sk8r Grrl, she announced on MySpace Saturday that her new album will be called The Best Damn Thing with a lead single, Girlfriend, out in February, hot on the heels of Keep Holding On, which has Academy Award nominee written all over it.

Lavigne said she hoped to finish her work on the album today to wrap for the Christmas holidays.

Spinning in the CD Today:
Fergie. I still don’t get her. Didn’t like her in the Peas. Don’t like her now, and I’m one of the few apparently, so I’m trying to figure out why. I hear someone like Gwen Stefani or Madonna and think, “Ah, original.” I hear the Fergster and say, “Don’t see it, sorry.” But I’m still trying because I’m apparently missing something.