Every once and a while a new story comes long that is only true to certain people. If you are the kind of person that believes a person’s character is what it is and have no time to give second chances, please stop reading right now. However, if you are one of those people that believe in redemption and that people can change keep reading. I offer you this one caution; don’t believe a word that Axl Rose says until there is action to support those words.

For Guns n’ Roses fans, the term Chinese Democracy has great meaning. Broken Dreams, false hope and frustration are just a few of the meanings that come to mind when someone says Chinese Democracy to me. Chinese Democracy is the name of the next Guns n’ Roses album. However in this case, next is a timeless expression. It has been years since the album has been rumored to be released by the newest version of Guns n’ Roses. There comes a point at which people stop waiting for something and start praying for it. However, rock fans prayers may have finally been answered (before reading the rest of this blog, refer to the first paragraph’s caution statement).

According to an AP report, on Saturday night, radio host Eddy Trunk’s weekly classic rock talk show was co-hosted by Skid Row frontman Sebastin Bach. The discussion between the two turned to Guns n’ Roses. That’s when Bach jumped into action and placed a call to fellow frontman Axl Rose’s cell phone. Axl picked up and the call went live on the air. For shits and giggles, Bach asked Rose about the long awaited Chinese Democracy album. Axl responded by saying the album will come out “Sometime this fall or late fall…It will be out this year.”

On the surface, it would be easy to get excited over Rose’s comments. The comments should be reason to believe that the decade long rumors of Chinese Democracy being released were finally coming true. However, this is Axl Rose talking, which means lies, bullshit and more bullshit. We have been down this road again, and each time it has lead to more disappointment and frustration. If the man could only be as honest as well as he could sing and do his famous snake-like moves on stage then I might actually take his comments seriously. However, once a liar, always can be a liar.

Upon further thought, if you think about the title of the album (Chinese Democracy), maybe this album will never come out. Will there ever be democracy in China, probably not. Is this Axl Rose’s idea of a sick joke? Possibly. What makes this new fuel on the fire worse is their are also rumors circulating that former Gn’R guitarist Slash may rejoin the band.

I as well as many other rock fans have been jerked around too many times by Axl Rose to believe him. The boy who cried wolf eventually got eaten, and what comes around goes around, so I can’t even be angry. I’m confident that if Axl is jerking us around again, that I won’t be the chain he’s pulling. But how awesome would it be to hear a new Guns n’ Roses album?