I am not a person who is big into formulating or believing conspiracy theories. I do believe we actually landed on the moon. I do believe that September 11th was the work of crazed terrorists and not of our own government. I do believe that the connection between Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and The Wizard of OZ is just a coincidence. I am a skeptic, but not a fanatic. However, after witnessing what I saw tonight, I do believe in one conspiracy, American Idol is rigged.

If you are not a fan of American Idol or are tone deaf, then let me just inform you of something, Chris Daughtry makes no sense as being the latest person voted off American Idol. However, at the same time he does. He doesn’t make sense because he’s been easily one of the most popular contestants since the competition started. He doesn’t make sense because he has clearly been one of the top two or three best singers in the competition every week. He doesn’t make sense because anyone I talk to seems to think this guy is a superstar. However, for all these reasons it does make sense he was the last one voted off.

Before you right me off as another psycho music fan with too much time on his hands consider this: If you are at the height of your popularity, isn’t that the best time to start selling records. Chris has been in my opinion the most popular contestant in this competition since day one. Why take a chance of him getting out sung in one of the show’s very final episodes and losing some of his juice? It makes much more sense if you were a record executive to have this guy put out a record A.S.A.P. As you may know, American Idol contestants have an obligation to put out a record with the show’s Producer Simon Fuller’s music label.

Now consider the following, Katherine McPhee had an off night last episode due in part to the fact the theme was Elvis songs and she is a female. It would serve a popular contestant who may have taken a hit like that to stay on the show a couple more weeks to try and build back some of the fan base she may have lost. If you have Katherine win the competition, she will become a star. Chris Daughtry is already a star. Why have one star when you can play your cards right and have two?

This conspiracy theory is helped by the fact that American Idol’s voting process is not published. How does the American viewer have any way of knowing who really got voted off? How do we know they even count the votes at all? If they published the results (which could easily be faked, by the way) it would take a lot of this theory’s firepower away.

Call me crazy, tell me I have too much time on my hands, but the fix is on, and American Idol viewers are the victims.