With August having been such a dreary month for new music, it’s nice to see this week’s release schedule so power-packed, with new albums out from hip-hop heavyweights Kanye West and 50 Cent, as well as a new set from country heartthrob Kenny Chesney. Folks are headed to the record stores in droves this week, as it looks like the top three will debut with a total close to 2 million albums combined. And more than likely, the folks who are running in to buy one of the three albums will find something else worth picking up, which is a good thing. The industry needs some excitement like this.
1st day projections have West handily defeating his challengers with what will be the biggest first-week total of the year. Graduation” has already sold almost Gold in one day. The best thing about it? Kanye’s not some fly-by-night pop sensation. He’s a legitimate talent-although truthfully, he’s probably not as talented as he thinks he is! That said, having purchased and listened to Graduation several times already, he’s made a damn good album. Considering he’s also contributed to two other solid hip-hop releases this year (Common and Talib Kweli) and you’ve got the rarity of a critically acclaimed artist who happens to sell records in quantity as well! What a concept!!
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